Counseling Helps for Pastors and Lay Counselors

Counseling Couples in Crisis Seminar
By Pastor Steve Carr

Counselor’s Training Manual
Included in this seminar training manual:
  • A step-by-step plan for doing general, marital, and pre-marital counseling.
  • Learn the difference between psychological and biblical counseling.
  • The qualities you need to truly help someone.
  • How to set goals and objectives in your counseling.
  • How to identify the stumbling blocks that hinder counseling.
  • How to deal with couples in a crisis situation.
  • Helping people determine if they are marrying the right person.
  • Eight session outlines for pre-marital counseling.
It is suggested to use the Training Manual in conjunction with our video presentation as Pastor Steve teaches through this manual.

Video Presentation

Counseling Couples in Crisis
  • 10 studies on flash drive covering over nine hours of instruction used in conjunction with the counseling manual.
Worksheets and Study Resources
Counseling Couples in Crisis
  • Included with the video presentation are over 100 pages of printable worksheets and resources to assist you in counseling couples.

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