Marriage Conferences

Next conference is scheduled at Calvary Chapel Treasure Valley, at 3600 W Nelis Dr. in Meridian, ID for both Sunday Morning services on Feburary 18. 1 208 514 1616

I will also be speaking at the "Sweet Hearts Dinner" on Sunday evening Feburary 18 for Calvary Chapel Caldwell, ID. For more information call 1 208 453 9653

If you are interested in scheduling a conference or individual teaching on marriage and family issues, please email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Counselor Training Conferences

We have no conferences scheduled at this time, but below are the topics I usually cover in a typical conference. If you are a pastor or elder of your church, please consider a conference like this that could build up those who counsel in your congregation. My counseling manual "Counseling Couples in Crisis" is used in these conferences.

Topics that will be covered

Thursday night: Pre-marital counseling which includes these topics.

  • Helping individuals determine if they are marrying the right person.
  • Determining a couple’s readiness for marriage.
  • Eight session outlines for pre-marital counseling.

Friday night: Marital counseling which includes these topics.

  • How to deal with couples in a crisis situation.
  • Steps in ongoing marital counseling.
  • Key issues that couples must resolve in their relationship that enable them to reach the goal of real companionship.

Saturday: General counseling which covers these topics.

  • Learn the differences between psychological and biblical counseling.
  • The qualities you need to truly help someone.
  • How to set goals and objectives in your counseling.
  • How to identify the stumbling blocks that hinder counseling.
  • How to deal with specific difficult issues such as, physically abusive, emotionally abusive, and explosive individuals. Also, drug and alcohol abuse, infidelity, and sexual abuse.