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There are two things you need to know once you’ve asked Jesus to take over your life. First, you need to understand what has just happened to you. Second, you need to know what the next steps you should take to begin growing in your Christian walk.

If you will take the time to open your Bible right now, you will begin to experience the joy of understanding God's glorious promises to you. Begin by reading the questions below. Then, look up the Scriptures and fill in the answers. To help locate the references, use the table of contents in your Bible. All the references are in the New Testament.


What do you become once you believe in and receive Jesus?

JOHN 1:12 _________________________________________________________

What happens to someone who calls on the name of the Lord?

ROMANS 10:13 _____________________________________________________

What happens to everyone who sincerely asks?

MATTHEW 7:8 ______________________________________________________

What will God never do to those who come to Him?

JOHN 6:37 __________________________________________________________

Jesus said He is our Savior.  What are we saved from?

MATTHEW 1:21 ______________________________________________________

JOHN 3:17 __________________________________________________________

ROMANS 5:9 ________________________________________________________

What must you do to be forgiven for your sins?

I JOHN 1:9 __________________________________________________________

How can you be assured that He will forgive you if you confess your sins?

I JOHN 1:9 He is _____________________________________________________

What happens to your sins when you are converted?

ACTS 3:19 __________________________________________________________

What does God give to those who believe in Him?

JOHN 3:16 __________________________________________________________

Now that you have an understanding and assurance of your salvation, what should you do next? God now wants you to grow in your relationship with Him. You must take a few very important steps to insure this growth in your Christian walk. What are these steps?

First, you need to begin to read God's Word. This is how you begin to understand who God is, what His plan is for your life, and how to experience His changing power. In these next few verses, you will see how important God’s Word is and the work that it does in your life. Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (MATTHEW 4:4). Just as a new-born baby needs to eat food to live, so you need to take in the spiritual food of God's Word.

What does knowing and abiding in the truth do in your life?

JOHN 8:31-32 ________________________________________________________

The word of His grace is able to do what?

ACTS 20:32 __________________________________________________________

What did Jesus say was the reason for the error of the religious leaders of His day?

MATTHEW 22:29 ______________________________________________________

What should you do daily to keep yourself from error?

ACTS 17:11 __________________________________________________________

What will happen if you desire the milk of the Word?

I PETER 2:2 __________________________________________________________

The second thing you need to do is begin talking to God in prayer. Prayer is where you acknowledge your dependence upon God for all your needs. Prayer is also important for you to enjoy real communion with the Father and gives you an opportunity to worship Him. As you trust Him with your needs you will experience His strength as you release your burdens and problems to Him. Ask Him everyday to fill you with the power of His Spirit to enable you to walk with Him. All you have to do is ask.

What will Jesus do if you ask Him?

LUKE 11:13 __________________________________________________________

JOHN 16:24 __________________________________________________________

What must your prayer be in accordance with to ensure that He hears you and will answer you?

I JOHN 5:14-15 _______________________________________________________

What must abide in you to help you ask according to His will?

JOHN 15:7 ___________________________________________________________

What two reasons does James give you for why your prayers are not answered?

JAMES 4:2 ___________________________________________________________

JAMES 4:3 ___________________________________________________________

Third, you need to begin regularly fellowshipping with other believers in a local church. As you do, you will find many new friends who will help and encourage you and build you up in your faith. The local church is also the place where you can learn God’s Word and have an opportunity to corporately worship Him. This is another important way you can be strengthened in your relationship with God.

In Acts 2:14-41, Peter preached the gospel and 3000 people believed in Jesus. What did they continue to do after their conversion?

ACTS 2:42 ___________________________________________________________

What did the church do when it gathered together?

ACTS 2:42 ___________________________________________________________

ACTS 4:31 ___________________________________________________________

ACTS 11:26 __________________________________________________________

GALATIANS 6:2 _______________________________________________________

What does God say you should not forsake?

HEBREWS 10:25 ______________________________________________________

Last, don’t be afraid to share your faith with others. You don't have to know all the answers to everyone’s questions. The important thing is sharing what He has done for your life. The gospel means good news! Share the good news that you have been forgiven and how He has changed your life. God doesn’t want you to be His secret disciple; He wants you to be a light to others who are still in darkness.

What did Jesus tell this man to go home and do?

LUKE 8:39 ___________________________________________________________

Read the story of the woman at the well in JOHN 4:1-42.

What did she do after meeting Jesus?

JOHN 4:28-30 ________________________________________________________

What was the result of her testimony?

JOHN 4:39 __________________________________________________________

Where does the power come from to be His witness?

ACTS 1:8 ____________________________________________________________

In closing, I would encourage you to really think over these four areas we have just covered; reading God's Word, prayer, fellowship in a local church, and sharing your faith. Ask God to help you take these very important steps. If you do, your life will change more and more each day. If you have any questions over these or any issues, please feel free to come and talk any time.

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